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Survey of plans

Do you know how many m2 your flat or your place has? Do you need me to advise you on any reform?
I can help you, I measure your property, to make all the plans you need (plants, sections, elevations ...)
Preparation of plans, 2D and 3D surveys:

  • Dimensioned floor plans, indicating the useful m2 and free height of each room.
  • Dimensional section plans.
  • Dimensional facade plans.
  • Plans of facilities: electricity, gas, heating, sanitation, plumbing, air conditioning, fire protection ...
  • Volume in 3D.
  • Basic perspectives
  • Infographics
  • Plans of cutting of furniture.
  • Constructive details.

Diseño de planos

Valuations, valuations; Perceptions and reports of deficiencies

Valuation understood as the informed opinion of an independent expert is always valuable and especially necessary when dealing with real estate assets. The market for these goods is not perfect, making it necessary for the real estate appraiser to be an independent professional with demanding judgment and criteria.

Infographics and 3D images

Realization of virtual models in 3D For the realization of animations, realistic photographs and infographics of all kinds of spaces and projects.

Infografia 3D