Energy Efficiency Certificate

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An analysis can give you the necessary information to objectively evaluate the impact on your economy of an efficient property and put value on energy savings by increasing the value of your home, and of course your social commitment. There are also subsidies for the energy rehabilitation of complete buildings.
I offer this complete service, I'm going to measure and analyze your property personally, I certify it and then register it with the Junta de Castilla y León, without having to worry about anything else. I only need a visit to the property, minimizing the inconvenience to the maximum, where I make the complete data collection on-site (approximately one hour). In addition, along with the certificate I include a series of feasible improvements to increase the energy rating, without being mandatory for the owner or for the person who buys or rents the property.
If during the validity period of your certification you made work on the property or a change in the facility that changes or could influence the rating, this can be updated without cost of fees in the Castilla y León Board.

Is the energy certificate another tax?

A very simple example: do you know how much your car consumes? Perhaps the most important purchases or investments that we make throughout our lives are that of a home, and that of a vehicle. Well, what do you notice when you decide to buy a vehicle? price, mechanics, aesthetics and fuel consumption. If you know how much fuel your vehicle consumes and is a decisive factor when you make the decision to buy it, why not do the same with your home or premises? Why not know in advance how much fuel your home's facilities will consume? Energy consumption is a major expense in the domestic economy every month. The owner is not obliged to comply with any minimum label, simply have the obligation to have the certificate to show potential buyers and tenants, and that they know what they are buying.


It is a requirement derived from the European Directive 2010/31 / EU, which in Spain through RD 235/2013 of April 5 approves the procedure for the realization of the Energy Certificate of buildings, homes, premises or offices, and that contains objective information on energy characteristics, consumption, benefits and possible improvements in the energy efficiency of the property under study. Furthermore, in case of failure to do so, the owner is subject to administrative penalties ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 euros, and even the sale or rental contracts may be declared null and void.